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Friday, December 23, 2011


Objectives are vital in outlining what must be achieved to be competent. Objective can help students to measure their success. Therefore, here are some suggestion for achieving any objectives:

Group Activity
·          Come up with an activity before class. This activity should contain clear objectives leading to activity completion. For example, the task of writing a short story should include clearly defined objectives that lead to a good story. These objectives might include coming up with a good character, placing him in a situation, facing him with a problem and finding a solution. Bring the activity into class and ask the students to form groups. Assign the task to each group. Each group should help one another to complete individual objectives step by step. The first group to complete the challenge successfully should be rewarded.
Objective Journal
·                Ask students to keep an "objective journal." This journal should be used as a way for students to keep track of personal objectives, ensuring that they are met successfully. For example, if your students have been asked to read Agatha Christie's collection of "Miss Marple" by the end of the term, this journal should be used to keep track of each student's reading accomplishments. Each novel should be taken as an objective. Students should use the journal to break down objectives and structured activities that they are faced with throughout the year. Encourage students to use the journals as much as possible.
Objective Collage
·         Ask each student to create an "objective collage" of his own. On paper or canvas, challenge students to illustrate the objectives that they wish to meet throughout the school year themselves. These collages should prompt students to meet their objectives effectively and enthusiastically. The objectives that are illustrated should be dependent on the student and can include objectives spanning over the year, their student careers or longer. The collages should be put on the wall to inspire students to work toward their chosen objectives.
Personal Letter
·            Writing a personal letter can be a fun and effective objective-setting activity for students to be a part of in the classroom. At the beginning of term, ask each student to write a letter explaining the goals and objectives that they wish to achieve by the end of the year. These objectives don’t necessarily have to be related to the classroom. They can be home-oriented, too. At the end of the year, letters should be revealed for the first time since being written. Challenge students to find objectives that they managed to meet throughout the school year.

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